Curing diseases

             There are many examples around us when people do not want to cure their diseases by medical or scientific treatment. For such people, we can give the best possible solution. In our society, it is generally considered that all the diseases can be cured by medical treatment, and there is no other way for …

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Choice of a career

Career choice holds a very dominant position in the life of every man. The right choice of a career is very important in our life. It is well evident that the success of a man lies in its right choice of career. Not only this, it is also important that after choosing a right career …

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It is a commandment in our religion for us that we must give donations to the poor people of our society. Donations or charity are a common source of helping others. We can help some needy by simply giving them some money or any other kind of financial help. Rich people must give some part …

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Finding a job

Now a days finding a new job is the most important problem. The population of our country is increasing day by day. Therefore, unemployment is also increasing. This is also linked with a number of other factors as well. Inflation rate is also been increasing in our country. That’s why the ratio of unemployment is …

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Free istikhara services

          Now a days people find difficulties in every field of life. There are problems for them in various works of their life. They find difficulty in finding a job, in starting a business or making an investment. They also face various kinds of problems when they decide to go abroad to find a job …

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